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The Bringer of Tea ([personal profile] auntysarah) wrote2009-11-05 09:58

On Being Ashamed of Feminism and its Hypocrisy

Feeling so very disappointed right now.

Until feminism as a movement stops being mainly an exercise in navel-gazing for middle-class, educated, white cissexual women, until those professing to be feminists stop holding up bigots like Raymond, Greer and Bindel as icons because they're getting damp over some paragraph they once wrote, until the movement at large takes itself seriously enough to apply its supposed principles to cover all women, and all cases where the powerful oppress the powerless, regardless of sex, gender, race, education, class, income, etc., until someone can make a post about trans people having sex on a supposed feminist discussion board without commenters claiming that a trans person (and you know they mean trans woman) having sex without disclosing their medical history is non-consensual sex (i.e. rape) which should be prosecuted, and having half the people in the discussion sharing a similar sentiment...

...until then, I'm going to proclaim loudly and clearly, "I'm not with them."

By the way, did you know that teh tranz is just like an STD? You can probably even catch it from a snog!

(Also, I think that interpreting "the emotional strain caused by the non disclosure is actionable, and so should it be when one hides the fact of them being trans" as "it's OK to kill trans women after fucking them" is probably not that much of a stretch, as you know, that does actually happen quite a lot).
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[personal profile] jackandahat 2009-11-05 10:49 (UTC)(link)
Oh for fuck's sake. Those people. Those... *Bangs head against wall*
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I stopped reading Feminste and Feminsting because I could never remember which one was the racist one. Nothing I've heard in the last month makes me regret that decision.

People suck so much at times. :-(

Just in case it's not obvious, icon aimed at the feministing posters, not you.;-)
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teh tranz is just like an STD? You can probably even catch it from a snog

That's totally how I caught it. One day I was all yay I'm a cis-girl and then there was a night with someone who didn't disclose hir status and suddenly TRANS. *nods*
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I'm having this argument on IC now. I called someone a bigot and now I'm being called some kind of crusader for trying to change someone's "sexual preferences".

I have said (amongst many other things) that bigotry is not a sexual preference. *sighs*