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Chattin' With a Chaser, Part 7 in a Very Infrequent Series

This one started out jumping into an IRC channel and trolling. He got banned. A few hours later he returned in private message. I should warn you - the photograph linked to in the transcript contains a graphic depiction of vaginoplasty in progress. For that reason, I haven't enabled it as a link - you'll have to copy and paste if you want to see it.

Anyway, on with the fun.

avzf: hey
avzf: ur a tranny
sarahlizzy: Hello
sarahlizzy: What do you actually want?
avzf: to annoy trannys
sarahlizzy: Why?
avzf: because they are still men
avzf: and pretend to be women
avzf: whch they are not
sarahlizzy: I see
sarahlizzy: Everyone should have a hobby
sarahlizzy: Mine is rock climbing. It probably keeps me fitter than yours
avzf: did u get ur dick cut off
sarahlizzy: Why do you ask?
avzf: because i want to know
sarahlizzy: Ok, yes. I did
avzf: oh so you have a pussy now?
sarahlizzy: Well, eviscerated and turned inside out, to be accurate
avzf: can i put my dick in ur pussy
avzf: ur fake pussy
sarahlizzy: Nope
avzf: even if i pay u money?
sarahlizzy: I prefer girls, and anyway, I hardly know you
avzf: girls?
avzf: so you're straight atfter all
sarahlizzy: Even if you pay me money, and yes, girls
avzf: you got ur dick cut off and you like girls
avzf: wtf
sarahlizzy: Yes. This is getting repetitive
avzf: but *why*?
avzf: why not stay a man
sarahlizzy: There was nothing worth watching on the TV and I was bored
avzf: ur joking me
sarahlizzy: Surely not!
avzf: you're trolling me
avzf: you can't just get tranny surgery randomly one day
sarahlizzy: Well, what answer did you expect?
sarahlizzy: Sheesh
avzf: did I tell you I liked trans women?
avzf: like their cocks
sarahlizzy: That utterly fails to surprise me
avzf: why so?
sarahlizzy: Well, clearly *something* draws you here
sarahlizzy: That you're a chaser is hardly the revelation of the year
avzf: so do other shemales in that irc channel still have their penises
sarahlizzy: I don't keep count
avzf: and could they send photos to me
avzf: with their tits and their cock
sarahlizzy: I fear that is unlikely
avzf: ask them please
avzf: i'm banned now
sarahlizzy: I just asked
avzf: ok
sarahlizzy: They say no
avzf: tell them to /msg the urls of the photos to my nick
sarahlizzy: I know where there is a photo of a trans woman's pens
sarahlizzy: Penis
avzf: whehre
sarahlizzy: Some assembly may be required.
avzf: is that shemale surgury
sarahlizzy: It might be
sarahlizzy: a bit
avzf: what the fuck
sarahlizzy: Was that not what you were looking for?
avzf disconnected from the server.

Then he pops up again a few minutes later, for an encore:

avzf: fuck u
avzf: that photo was disgusting
sarahlizzy: Wasn't it just?
avzf: ur a pervet
sarahlizzy: PMSL
avzf: god
avzf: i can't look at a shemale again
sarahlizzy: My work here is done
avzf: fuck u
avzf disconnected from the server.