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Chattin' With a Chaser, Part 7 Redux

So the chaser from last night seems to have found this journal (I have no idea how - maybe he was googling for some of his own choice phrases or something).

He's bad at quitting while he is behind. I almost feel bad posting this - I don't think it's as funny as yesterday's, and it's also a bit like kicking a puppy.

Ah hell, let's do it anyway.

avzf: hey
avzf: lol wut is this
avzf: u posted our conversation on ur website
avzf: wtf
sarahlizzy: Yes, I collect them
sarahlizzy: You're the first one to notice though
avzf: are the people who comment on them shemales as well?
sarahlizzy: A variety of people comment
avzf: trannys included
avzf: lol
avzf: i undersntand
avzf: undersnatnd
avzf: understand
sarahlizzy: You've provided some of the funniest material so far, so thank you!
avzf: that was not funny
avzf: i was wanting shemale pics
sarahlizzy: Your legions of adoring fans beg to differ
avzf: and u sent me that photo of a guy's cock getting cut up
avzf: fuck u
avzf: i was masterbating
avzf: looking at other tranny porn
avzf: and then I poened that up
sarahlizzy: Awww, poppet! Did that cause Mr Stiffy to wilt?
avzf: and that was so fuckin disgusting
sarahlizzy: So, shall we play a game?
avzf: u trannies are crazy
sarahlizzy: I like games!
avzf: getting ur cocks cut off
avzf: what game
sarahlizzy: It's called - "Guess what I'm going to do with this chat transcript"
avzf: fuck u I troll u
avzf: i trolled u
avzf: and now u put it on ur website
sarahlizzy: It seems to me that, by your admission, you're the one who failed to get it away with the delightful Ms Hand and her five lovely daughters, not me
avzf: i had to stop masterbating then
sarahlizzy: You got what you deserved
avzf: because of ur gory pic
avzf: no
sarahlizzy: You know, my surgery ... it needed a revision
avzf: wait wat
sarahlizzy: An infection ate my clitoral hood at 5 weeks post op. It was quite disgusting
avzf: u regretted ur cock
sarahlizzy: Anyway, it needed rebuilding
sarahlizzy: He did it while I was awake
avzf: no
sarahlizzy: I *watched*
avzf: i know u will post a photo
avzf: trololollolll
avzf: oh fuck
avzf: that's disgusting
avzf: want to see a pictur of me
sarahlizzy: No
avzf: it is at [Link to Goatse removed - if you don't know what this is, it's someone demonstrating their distended anus. It was old 15 years ago. I didn't click on it - Sarah]
sarahlizzy: -1 old
avzf: fuck u
avzf: u know of goatse
sarahlizzy: Are you going to tell me to google "blue waffle" next?

[Sarah's note - don't do this]

sarahlizzy: Or perhaps try for a mere rickroll?
avzf: what's blu waffle
sarahlizzy: This can not end well
avzf: CUNT
avzf: nonsequential racist epithet removed
sarahlizzy: You're not very good at this, are you?
avzf disconnected from the server.
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[personal profile] tajasel 2011-04-07 05:31 (UTC)(link)
I laughed at Blue Waffle (and most other shock sites).

Not sure what this says about me...