maellenkleth: (caprice-networking)
Elane Imgoven ([personal profile] maellenkleth) wrote in [personal profile] auntysarah 2011-06-07 14:06 (UTC)

Oh. I can most assuredly relate to what you have just now written. As of summer solstice, it shall have been 34 years for me, and I am yet still acutely aware of the 'institutionalised othering' which is visited upon transfolk, at least in America, Canada and the UK. The rest of the world, fortunately enough, seems to ignore my long-ancient peregrinations.

I'm not sure what will end this situation, but my gut instinct cautions me that things are rather less likely to end well for us all. I do sincerely hope that such a fear turns out to have been a mistake on my part.

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